Electronic Arts Made Over $10 Million Dollars From Online Pass

Electronic Arts Made Over $10 Million Dollars From Online Pass

Electronic Arts Makes $10 Million From Online Pass

$15 million is a lot of money – overshadowing an already staggering $10 million. Whether or not you’re a single individual who has come into that kind of cash or you’re Electronic Arts and you just made that much money from implementing a simple program, you’re winning.

Originally used for EA Sports games, Online Pass is a feature EA started to dissuade used game sales by including one-time codes for premium content. That program launched in May 2011 and in only 4 months, 120 days give or take, and $10 million has been made.

The figures come from EA CFO, Eric Brown, who chatted with Gamasutra.

For a program that was just meant to dissuade used game sales, that’s wildly successful. As a result, EA will be implementing an Online Pass for Battlefield 3 and other future titles. Why would they stop now? There are still a few games that haven’t been put under the gun with Online Pass or a similar system, including Driver: San Francisco, which will be free to play online, forever.

See what Electronic Arts CFO, Eric Brown said on the matter:

“The revenues we derive from that haven’t been dramatic. I’d say they’re in the $10-$15 million range since we initiated the program.”

Interestingly, the majority of the money made in the past few months was from individuals who had previously bought used games. That extra $10 to pay for Online Pass must have been enough to motivate people to start buying their games new.

Retailer GameStop takes the position that some game publishers are starting to see the light when it comes to what used game sales can do to promote a new product. But in a business of making money, publishers like EA will do what they can to ensure that every game sold will be a new one – to maximize income.

Something like this does speak to the fact that people are willing to pay for new things, should they be given that tiny little carrot at the end of the stick. Apparently enough people in 4 months thought buying new games from EA was a great idea – and it looks like it will continue.

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Source: Gamasutra

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