The Sims 4: First Details

The Sims 4: First Details

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The next entry in Maxis‘ multi-award-winning Sims series may be just around the street corner. The fourth edition of the perennially popular ‘life tycoon’ title was first unveiled back in May of this year, when EA announced a prospective 2014 release date for The Sims 4.

With the game expected to make its formal bow at this year’s Gamescom expo in Germany, it looks as if EA’s big surprise has just been spoiled early.

Skilled Internet snoopers have uncovered a vast cache of intel tied to the The Sims 4, as taken from the franchise’s very own website. Appearing on AGB this morning, the leaked info looks to be legitimate, appearing alongside a slew of new screenshots devoted to the game’s expanded customization options.

  • Redesigned, intuitive creation tools — ‘Create a Sim’ & ‘Build’ modes are much more powerful than ever before, allowing players to “sculpt Sims with tactile precision.”
  • Expanded appearance, personality, vocational, relationship & walking style options, creating a suite of “rich physical and emotional characteristics.”
  • Improved AI — Sims are now better at multi-tasking, expressing their emotions and reacting to the world around them. Characters experience a wider variety of emotions that change depending on who they contact, what events they encounter and which pieces of clothing they wear.
  • Vibrant environments — Neighborhoods are now even more eye-catching.
  • A new rewards/ achievements system — Completing set events yields up new collectibles, outfits and traits.
  • A robust community creation suite — Players can upload and select other people’s Sims & homesteads with ease.

Assuming the information provided is correct, Maxis doesn’t appear to be taking too many chances with this The Sims 4. Having missed out on the series’ third iteration back in 2009 (the developer was hard at work on Spore at the time) the studio seems strangely reluctant to make any sweeping changes here. Indeed, the info itself could easily be applied to any Sims title, past or present. Here’s hoping the title’s Gamescom debut gives gamers greater cause for excitement.

Are you excited for The Sims 4? Will Maxis’ return to the series result in a better game? How can the franchise attempt to remain fresh whilst still appealing to longtime fans? Let us know in the comments below.

Expect to hear much more from The Sims 4 when Gamescom 2013 kicks off on August 21st.

The Sims 4 will press pause on your social life when it releases sometime in 2014.  Maxis has confirmed the game for both PC & Mac formats. The 11th expansion for The Sims 3, entitled Into the Future is set for release on October 22nd (USA) & October 24th (Europe).

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Source: AGB

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