Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Behemoth

Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Behemoth

The Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy 14 crossover has now begun. The event brings over several beastly monsters from Final Fantasy 14, putting them in Monster Hunter World to give players of the Capcom RPG a mighty, new challenge to complete.

The first of these new monsters is the Behemoth. As the name suggests, the monster is huge and with a long tail, a neck of spikes, a massive horn and sharp claws on its feet, Monster Hunter World players will need every bit of help that they can get to take it down. So with that in mind, take a look at this guide of tips and tricks on how to beat the Behemoth.

What Are the Behemoth’s Weakness?

Monster Hunter World Behemoth weaknesses

One of the most important factors to consider when taking on any Monster Hunter World beast is the monster’s weaknesses as these inform a player’s choice of weapons. According to the in-game physiology report, the Behemoth is especially vulnerable to the dragon element (which has a three-star rating), while water and ice elements both have two-star ratings. Fire and thunder have both have one-star ratings, making them less than optimal to take this ghastly creature on. The ailments of poision, sleep, paralysis, blast, and stun all have two-star ratings as well.

The physiology report also highlights which specific areas of the Behemoth are best to target with what weapons. The creature’s tail is severable, notes the report, and it is best targeted using a great sword (three-star rating) or a hammer (two-star rating). The Behemoth’s face, another weak point, is also best targeted using greatsword or a hammer as both have three-star ratings.

What is the Enmity Mechanic?

Monster Hunter World Behemoth guide

However, when targeting the Behemoth’s face, it’s important to point out that doing so will trigger the enmity mechanic. How it works is that the more that a player attacks its face, the more enmity that player will build up. The greater the level of enmity, the more that the Behemoth will focus its attacks on that particular player.

Capcom has already explained that it added the Behemoth to the game with Monster Hunter World‘s parties in mind. The enmity mechanic highlights another reason why it’s inadvisable for players to take on the monster solo. Players wielding weapon types with shields (e.g lance, gunlance, and charge blade) and using armor skills like Guard and Guard Up will be best suited to tanking the weak point on the monster’s face as squishier players won’t stand that much of a chance. It also allows other players to focus on other areas of its body (such as that tail) while the focus is on their tanking teammate.

How to Avoid the Behemoth’s Attacks

Monster Hunter World Behemoth best weapons

Another reason why it’s advised that players take on the Behemoth with friends is that the monster has some especially devastating attacks. These include Charybdis which creates tornadoes that will damage players and knock them back, leaving them vulnerable to additional attacks, and Thunderbolt which sends blistering bolts of electricity towards the ground. There’s also the Meteor attack which sends a giant boulder crashing down onto players (though it can be avoided with quick reflexes) and the Comet attack which also sends giant boulders crashing down, only this time the boulders will stay on the map.

The boulders produced by the Comet attack are crucial for avoiding taking enormous amounts of damage from Ecliptic Meteor, which is the Behemoth’s ultimate attack. This attack blocks off all other escape routes and can only be avoided by hiding behind the boulders that fell with the Comet attack. Capcom also warns that a direct hit from Ecliptic Meteor will result in an instant faint so players will want to heed that Comet cover advice.

Other Tips for Beating the Behemoth

Monster Hunter World tips tricks beat Behemoth

Other important tips for beating the Behemoth include preparing for bleed damage. As the Behemoth’s attacks come with a risk of bleed damage, Monster Hunter World players will want to prepare by putting Suture decorations on their armor to make themselves immune from it, as well as using Sushifish scales and Astera Jerky (purchased from the Tradeyard of Astera) in order to cure the ailment.

It’s also important to note that as the Behemoth is an Elder Dragon, it is immune to traps. Moreover, the build-up animations as the monster prepares its attacks can offer a good window of opportunity in which to attack it. One of the biggest pieces of advice being shared in the community is to be patient and strategic, rather than just going gung-ho in trying to take it down.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is set to release on August 9, 2018 for PC.

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